VedaCeuticals is a fusion of Ayur veda, the original science of health and Pharma ceuticals which is the modern healthcare system. VedaCeuticals is the result of over 15 years of intense study of proven principles of health supported with R&D. VedaCeuticals programs the food ingredients to work as - (1) body building nutrition, and (2) disease curing medicine. VedaCeuticals is our registered trade mark.

How VedaCeuticals was conceived

Karl Loren, the founder of Vibrant Life in California and also the father of anabiology was a close friend of MSR Ayyangar. He challenged MSR to formulate one skin application that has the potential to resolve multiple skin problems. This propelled MSR to dig deep into the ancient principles of healthcare and treatments. After 3 years of intense R&D efforts, MSR came up with a skin cream that was a perfect answer to the challenge posed by Karl Loren.

During these efforts, it was a revelation to MSR that no single system of treatment has an effective answer to all the health problems. This led MSR to search the common working principle in diverse systems of treatments. The highest common factor in all the systems was discovered to be the ‘matrix of life’. The simple example of a matrix is a plant seed or a bird’s egg. Both are packed nutrients organized in an order which progressively evolve given the right environment into a fully functional life. This is the latent principle of VedaCeuticals.

But for the concepts of anabiology developed by Karl Loren and his close interactions with MSR, the development of VedaCeuticals may not have been possible. MSR always feels grateful to Karl Loren for this crucial contribution in the evolution of VedaCeuticals.

Basic Tenets of VedaCeuticals

Health is not simply the absence of disease but is the optimal functioning of the mind & body. Disease is merely a name given by medical authorities but sickness is a state of lowered functional ability. This warrants correction.

Drugs do not cure. They control by altering the state (both mentally and physically) which may add further complications sometimes resulting in disastrous side effects that cause more sufferance than the disease itself. Drugs progressively take control of the mind & body; whereas, Medicines restore control of the mind & body back to the person.

Each cell in the body is a living entity, has its own mind and the will to live/survive. If all the cells are healthy, the whole body will be healthy. It is known that cells intentionally sacrifice themselves to protect the body as a whole. This is a pro-survival act.

The collective minds of all the cells runs the body on auto pilot mode, meticulously controlling all the vital involuntary functions like Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, etc. This cellular mind is called the ‘Somatic Mind’, the software that runs the body.

The mind & body are inherently capable of correcting & curing themselves with some timely help. Mind is the software that runs the hardware called the body. Messing with the hardware without debugging the software is futile. VedaCeuticals is the science & technology of debugging this software.

In a computer, the software & hardware are both produced by man and then integrated into one functioning equipment. In humans, the software builds the hardware from conception until death of the individual. VedaCeuticals addresses this supreme entity (software or the ‘Somatic Mind’) and the original creative master to repair, correct and rectify the problems in the body & mind.

Uniqueness of VedaCeuticals Products

Bio – Availability

All the ingredients used are readily available for efficient absorption by the body, both internal & external

Bio – Acceptability

Our extraction process of the active ingredients is designed to avoid the possible allergic reactions

Bio – Interactivity

The complex of extracted active ingredients is harmonious and they instantly trigger favorable bio-chemical reactions resulting in systemic harmony in the body

Bio – Correctivity

When systemic harmony is accomplished, physiological correction takes place thus creating a state of optimum functional ability

Integrated ingredients

Our formulations contain time-tested edible nutrients (natural mineral & vegetable) and long proven medical plant extracts (that work in harmony creating NO side effects)

Safety & Suitability

Our products are safe and suitable for all genders, age groups including infants. They are also safe & suitable for menstruating, pregnant and lactating women

Harmonious adjuvant & adjunct

Our formulations can be administered as an additional supplement concurrently with other systems of treatments

No animal derivatives

Our formulations do not contain any ingredient of animal origin


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